Homework Help

Remember, your child's teacher is a primary resource for help!

Questions During Homework Challenges

  • What is the problem that you're working on? Are there instructions or directions?
  • Are there words in the directions or the problem that you do not understand?
  • Is there anything that you already know that can help you work through the problem?
  • Can you draw a picture or make a diagram to show how you solved a problem like this one?
  • Can you tell me where you are stuck? Would using a calculator help you solve the problem?
  • Would it help to go on to another problem and come back to this one later?
  • If you do only part of a problem, will the teacher give you some credit?
  • Can you go in before or after school for help from the teacher?


Online Resources

Desmos - an online graphing calculator also capable of tables.

IXL | Math - Practice on mathematics standards through interactive games and exercises.

GeoGebra - An online/downloadable application combining geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics, and calculus. 

Khan Academy - Math videos, exercises, tips and more for students, teachers, and parents.

Kuta Software - Contains additional practice worksheets and answer keys to help with topics covered in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

Study Island -To review important skills and to gain additional practice aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards.


PSD Resources

enVision Math 2.0 (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)
Use your student's PSD credentials to log in to enVision digital resources. Access videos for homework help, extra practice problems, cumulative practice, digital textbook, and much more.


Big Ideas Math (6th Grade - Algebra 2)
Big Ideas Math provides parent support in terms of curriculum news updates about the program, application support through the Help Center, and procedural support through an application titled My Dear Aunt Sally. Parents and students can also download apps for the laptop, tablet and cell phone to support the textbook, help videos and answers to specific problems.

Additional resources are available through the Big Ideas Math Online program. Parents and students can access tutorials and even one-on-one support with a tutor by using the child's individual account. Parents and students can access these resources here using the child's PSD log in information.

Understanding Standards

Colorado Academic Standards Mathematics - Provides grade-level standards as well as and overview of the changes in the standards, the standards for mathematical practice, an understanding of the organizational structure, 21st century skills, and a vertical progression through the standards. 

Achieve the Core | Common Core Intro for Parents - Resources for parents to understand the Common Core State Standards. 

Common Core State Standards Mathematics 

National PTA | Parent Guides to Student Success - Overviews of what a child will learn by the end of each grade level in mathematics and English language arts/literacy.