Healthy Relationships and Reproduction

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Healthy relationships, sexual and reproductive health

Apply knowledge and skills to make personal decisions that promote healthy relationships and sexual and reproductive health.

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To see lessons by grade level, visit the Human Growth Development and Sexuality Units web page.

Learning Goals

Fifth grade:

  • Explain the structure, function and major parts of the human reproductive system.
  • Describe the physical, social, and emotional changes that occur during puberty.


Middle school:

  • Compare and contrast between healthy and unhealthy family and peer relationships.
  • Understand the relationship between feelings and actions during adolescence.
  • Describe the physical, emotional, mental and social benefits of sexual abstinence and strategies to resist pressures to become sexually active.
  • Analyze how behaviors place one at greater risk for HIV/AIDS, sexually  transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies.

High school:

  • Use a decision-making process to make healthy decisions about relationships and sexual health.
  • Support others in making positive and healthy choices about sexual activity.



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