Health and Disease Prevention

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Icon of heartHealth promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance

Students should be able to apply knowledge and skills related to health promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance. 

Elementary Learning Goals 

PreK - kindergarten:

  • Develop self-management skills and personal hygiene skills to promote healthy habit.
  • Explain how personal hygiene and cleanliness affect wellness.

First-third grades: 

  • Demonstrate health-enhancing behaviors to prevent injury or illness.
  • Recognize basic childhood chronic diseases.

Fourth-fifth grades:

  • Explain how the dimensions of wellness are interrelated and impact personal health.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills needed to discuss personal health problems to establish and maintain personal health and wellness.
  • Comprehend concepts and identify strategies to prevent the transmission of disease.


Middle and High School Learning Goals 

Sixth-eighth grades:

  • Analyze how positive health behaviors can benefit people throughout their lifespan.
  • Promote and enhance health through disease prevention.

Ninth - 12th grades:

  • Develop and maintain ongoing evaluation of factors that impact health, and modify lifestyle accordingly.


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