Mill and Bond Initiatives

Poudre School District is fortunate to have strong community support. In the last 30 years, PSD has been supported with mill levy overrides and bond initiatives in 1988, 1996, 2000, 2010 and most recently, November 2016.

See how mill levy override and bond dollars are spent in PSD by visiting the special website or web pages listed below.

PSD Promises Website


2016 Bond and Mill Levy Override

In November 2016, PSD voters approved a $375 million bond and $8 million MLO to address growth within the district as well as necessary facilities improvements. The bond will fund construction of three new schools, a new athletic complex, a new transportation depot as well as improvements to all existing 50 schools. The MLO will be phased in over four years and will fund start-up costs for the new schools as well as costs for growth around the district.

Visit the 2016 Bond and Mill page to see the plans for these funds as well as accountability for how the money is spent.


2010 Bond and Mill Levy Override

In November 2010, in the height of the Great Recession, the PSD community voted to raise property taxes to pay for $120 million in improvements to existing schools and a $16 million educational MLO to replace cuts to teaching staff, fund technology in classrooms and provide for other programming in the district.

Visit the 2010 Bond and Mill page for details about projects the bond funded and how the mill dollars are spent each year.