Mental, Emotional and Social Well-Being

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Megaphone iconEnhance mental, emotional and social well-being 

Students will learn skills to enhance their mental, emotional and social well-being.


Elementary Learning Goals

PreK-kindergarten grades:

  • Demonstrate how to effectively communicate and cooperate with others
  • Recognize the relationship between emotions and actions

First-third grades:

  • Demonstrate how to express emotions in healthy ways
  • Utilize knowledge and skills to develop a positive self- concept
  • Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills to support positive interactions with families, peers, and others

Fourth-fifth grades:

  • Identify positive behaviors that support healthy relationships.
  • Comprehend concepts related to stress and stress management
  • Analyze internal and external factors that influence mental and emotional health


Middle and High School Learning Goals

Sixth-eighth grades:

  • Understand internal and external factors that influence mental and emotional health
  • Access valid and reliable school and community resources to help with mental and emotional health concerns
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills to express thoughts and feelings appropriately

Ninth-12th grades:

  • Analyze the interrelationship of physical, mental, emotional, and social health
  • Set goals, and monitor progress on attaining goals for future success
  • Advocate to improve or maintain positive mental, emotional well-being for self and others

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