Health Curriculum

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Giving students the tools to make healthy decisions

Poudre School District’s comprehensive health program educates students about positive life-long health and wellness behaviors, concepts, and skills.

At each grade level, the health curriculum consists of developmentally appropriate information and opportunities for students to learn, practice, and reinforce skills to help them understand health concepts broadly and live healthier lives.


Comprehensive health program prepares graduates

PSD's health education program is based on teaching students the foundational learning skills of accessing information, analyzing influences, decision making, goal setting, interpersonal communication, self-management, and advocacy.

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PSD Health Learning Outcomes (by grade)


Health curriculum standards

The PSD health curriculum includes seven health standards that align with the 2020 Colorado academic standards. Click on the links below to learn more about them and to see learning goals by grade level.

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Lifelong Healthy Eating 

Icon representing reproductive health.

Healthy Relationships, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Icon for Health and Disease Prevention.

Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Health Maintenance

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Mental, Emotional and Social Well-Being

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Drugs and Alcohol


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Healthy, Violence-Free Relationships

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Personal Safety, Knowledge and Skills to Prevent and Treat Injury

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Health Curriculum Facilitator
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