PSD Threat Assessment Process

The Safe School Initiative began in 1999 to help prevent targeted school violence. The Safe School Initiative promotes actions that educators, law enforcement and other community members can use to respond to the problem of targeted school violence. 


PSD, in collaboration with community resources, has a threat assessment process in place that includes:

  • Evaluating available information that indicates that there is a risk of a school attack. 
  • Use risk evaluations, or threat assessments to develop strategies to prevent potential school attacks from occurring. 


PSD's threat assessment process includes: 

  • Assessments, inquiries and investigations (including online information and social media) 
  • Immediate response to perceived threats 
  • Intervention plans for everyone involved 


PSD staff may access further information through the Student Services Threat Assessment Team page

Make a Report. Make a Difference: Anonymously report any issues that concern or threaten you.

Safe2tell:  Call 1-877-542-SAFE (7233)

Contact Information

PSD Student Safety Coordinators
Rob Roth | 970.685-9495 |
Kaitlin Patterson | 970.829.2077 |
James DiPilato | 970.566.2326 |