Bullying Prevention

PSD strives to build a positive climate and culture in every school where each student feels welcomed and accepted. Several prevention programs and policies are in place, as well as other resources to support students and to help schools create a positive learning environment.


PSD Bullying Prevention Q & A:

  • What is the difference between bullying and harassment? Harassment refers to a type of discrimination. All harassment is considered bullying, but not all bullying is harassment. Learn more about the difference here.
  • How do you know if it is bullying or normal conflict? Normal conflict happens occasionally without serious emotional harm. Bullying involves repeated negative behavior with a serious threat of physical or emotional harm. See this Normal Conflict vs Bullying comparison to learn more.
  • How does PSD approach bullying prevention? PSD offers tiered levels of support that address bullying prevention and intervention. See this diagram for more information.
  • *What is the PSD Bullying Response Protocol? PSD's Bullying Response Protocol can be found here.