School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP)

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Helping students with their job goals

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School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP) is a Poudre School District Transition Pathway that assists youth with mild to moderate employment barriers to become job ready.  PSD partners with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to offer this free program. PSD SWAP builds relationships with young adults to foster meaningful career conversations, real-life experiences, and job-seeking skills to create the confidence and skills necessary for successful employment. 

CDE School to Work Alliance Program Video

SWAP serves youth who...Swap program

  • Are 15-24 years old

  • Applicants of/or eligible for DVR

  • Have mild to moderate needs in employment

  • Live within the PSD school boundaries

  • Want to work and/or a desire to develop pre-employment skills

  • Have the capability to work independently


If you qualify, SWAP will help with:

  • Vocational guidance

  • Work based learning

  • Career exploration and development

  • Employment related instruction, resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, applications

  • Post-secondary counseling

  • Self-advocacy

  • Job development, shadows, and placement

  • 1-year follow-up


Contact Information


902 West Drake #5
Fort Collins 80526

SWAP Coordinator
Sean Risatti | 970.685.7544 |

SWAP Enhanced Specialist Provider
Michelle Lathrop | 970.413.3983 |

SWAP Specialist 
Korben Koenig | 970.305.1974 |

SWAP Specialist 
Carrie Visintainer | 970.286.1673 |

SWAP Specialist 
Jenny Witteveld | 970.286.1674 |

SWAP Specialist 
Josiah Pedersen | 970.305.7361 |