Vision and Hearing Screenings

A smiling child holding the sides of his glasses on his head.

Hearing and vision screenings for students help identify those who may have issues and may remove potential barriers to student learning. For students to proficiently read, write, listen and speak, they must have a firm foundation of language. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and Poudre School District recognize that age-appropriate language, cognitive and social development are critically tied to the ability to hear and see.

Aligned with CDE guidelines, screenings are provided to students in these grades or circumstances: 

  • Kindergarten
  • First Grade
  • Second Grade
  • Third Grade
  • Fifth Grade
  • Seventh Grade
  • Ninth Grade
  • Students new to the district
  • Those receiving IEP services
  • Students with other identified hearing or vision concerns


Screenings for Younger Students

All students enrolled in Early Headstart and Headstart programs receive a vision and hearing screening no later than 45 days after starting in the program. In addition, PSD has opted to screen all preschool-age children.


Notification of Results and Referral Process

A PSD school nurse with a student.
A PSD nurse connects with a student.

Parents/guardians are notified if their child doesn't pass a screening and a referral process is initiated. Parents/guardians are encouraged to seek a medical evaluation for any referrals or for concerns regarding their student’s vision or hearing since this could impact academic success. 


Additional Hearing Evaluations

Complete diagnostic audiological evaluations are available free of charge at the district's Audiology Department for:Two young kids with hearing aids.

  • Students whose hearing screening results indicate a potential problem
  • Annual follow-up for students who have a history of hearing problems

Further hearing evaluations are held at Fullana Learning Center at 220 North Grant Ave., Fort Collins 80521.

All students with hearing aids or assistive listening devices are also referred to district audiologists for evaluation. Parents may call Mary Beth Bramel, educational audiologist, at 970-490-3072, or Christie Andrus, educational audiologist, at 970-657-3989, for information regarding audiological evaluations.

If you need resources regarding vision and hearing concerns, please contact your school’s health office or family liaison. 

Contact Information

Educational Audiologist
Mary Beth Bramel |  | 970.490.3072

Educational Audiologist 
Christie Andrus |  | 970.657.3989

Audiology Assistant
Kathryn Rudd |  | 970.490.3073


Health Services Coordinator
Kim Lowe | | 970.490.3388

Nurses and Health Techs at Schools