Property Management

Vacant Land

The district owns approximately 300 acres of vacant land. As the district's needs evolve and change, Planning, Design & Construction, in cooperation with district leadership, will evaluate how to best use this land to meet the district's overall goals. Planning, Design & Construction also assists with the acquisition of land.

Poudre School District Vacant Land Inventory

Property Management

Planning, Design & Construction is involved in key property management tasks for the district, including:

  • Responding to residential development referrals from local municipalities
  • Conducting space needs analysis to accommodate growth, determine location of new programs, and develop space utilization models for departmental personnel and resources
  • Maintain the district's payment in lieu of land (PILO) agreements
  • Maintain real estate records for district facilities
  • Respond to inquiries regarding site ownership, easements, and intergovernmental agreements
  • Work with consultants to perform site analyses and surveys

Current Fort Collins Development Projects

Current development projects can be accessed on the Fort Collins Maps website (hosted by