Outdoor Maintenance

Maintenance vehicles outside a school with a flag pole.

Outdoor Services manages the district's outdoor environments providing services including landscaping, irrigation and turf management, pavement repair, sign installation, playground and athletic field maintenance, snow removal, water management, fencing installation and repair, and outdoor equipment repair.

Outdoor Services provides well-maintained, friendly outdoor environments for the students and staff in our community. To increase efficiency and reduce travel time, the department is organized into five teams responsible for all tasks within their geographical area.

Contact Information

Outdoor Services Manager
Luke Askeland | 970-490-3156 | laskeland@psdschools.org 

Outdoor Services Supervisor
Earl Bernard | 970-490-3446 | ebernard@psdschools.org 

Landscape Specialist
Bryan Dubeck | 970-490-3156 | bdubeck@psdschools.org

Rob Veitch | 970-490-3532 | rveitch@psdschools.org

Lead Technician
Colton Jordening | 970-567-0918 | cjordening@psdschools.org

Lead Technician
Jim Lauer | 970-567-2161 | jlauer@psdschools.org

Lead Technician
Dave Murphy | 970-567-2138 | davidm@psdschools.org

Lead Technician
TBD | 970-567-1289 | TBD@psdschools.org

Lead Technician
Damon Fetzer | 970-413-2843 | dfetzer@psdschools.org

Lead Technician
Ryan Smith | 970-219-1795 | smithr@psdschools.org