Flier Distribution and Advertising in Schools

Poudre School District policy does not allow the distribution of non-District communications to students through our schools.  Instead, PSD offers other options for any vendor, group, organization or business wishing to distribute or post a flier in school including:

Activity Flier Packets

The Communications Department oversees the compilation and distribution of an Activity Flier Packet that is sent to students electronically three times during the school year.  

To be considered for the flier packet, your flier must be providing information about something that is a “structured and supervised, athletic, cultural and/or academic program, activity and/or service for students”.

Each packet will contain no more than 50 fliers.  If more than 50 fliers are submitted during the acceptance window, then a random lottery is drawn to determine participants.  It is not first come, first served.

The cost to participate in the flier packet is $30 per cycle.  This means, if you have a flier in the fall, winter and summer packet, then you will be expected to pay the $30 fee each time.  Cash or check only are accepted.

2016-17 Activity Flier Packet Schedule*

Packet Cycle Flier Submission Window Flier Packet Completion Waitlist Termination
Fall 2016 July 20 - August 19 September 16 September 16
Winter 2017 September 17 - December 16 January 13 January 13
Summer 2017 January 1 - March 24 April 21 April 21

*Dates are determined by the Communications Department and are subject to change.

How to submit a flier for the Activity Flier Packet

Flier requirements: Fliers must be no larger than 8 ½ x 11, single sided and submitted electronically as a PDF.  Fliers must conform to the requirements of District Policy KHC.

To submit a flier for consideration for the flier packet:

  • Review the District policy and guidelines regarding content.
  • Email your flier to fliers@psdschools.org for consideration during the submission window (dates below). Along with your flier, send the following required information:
    • Contact name and phone number
    • Target grade level for your flier activity
    • Name/Title of flier
    • Desired packet category (sports, music, arts/culture/dance, academic services/programs, recreation)

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your flier has been received for review.  DO NOT send any money until you receive a second email stating you have been accepted for the upcoming packet. Confirmation emails will not be sent until the deadline for submission has passed.

After the packet deadline has passed you will receive an email indicating if your flier has been accepted along with instructions regarding payment, etc… NOTE:  Each packet will contain no more than 50 fliers, so if more than 50 are submitted a random lottery is used to determine participants.  It is not first come, first served.
The final packet is compiled electronically as PDF booklet and also an online flip book (see examples here).  Packets are emailed to all PSD families grades K-12, posted online and send via the PSD electronic newsletter.

Have questions about the flier packet?  Contact the Communications Department at fliers@psdschools.org or call 970-490-3543.

For additional information regarding activity flier packets, table displays and employee special offers please see the following guidelines and policy:

For information regarding advertising with PSD, please see the following policy: