About the Sustainability Management System

Building off the success of applying sustainability in constructing new schools, remodels, and school improvement projects, the district reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by adopting a Sustainability Management System (SMS) that extends the principles of sustainability to all of its operations. The Annual Sustainability Report shares the district's accomplishments in sustainability management practices since implementing the SMS in 2006.

The following tenets embody the foundation for the district's Sustainability Management System and its commitment to sustainability:

  • Support the district's educational mission by providing spaces promoting health, productivity, and safety of students and staff
  • Reduce life-cycle costs by conserving energy and natural resources, further supporting the district's educational mission through fiscal responsibility
  • Balance educational, financial, and environmental issues in its daily decision making
  • Consider and incorporate relevant aspects of sustainability into all future procedures
  • Inspire commitment to sustainability among district employees
  • Serve as a community leader in sustainability and partner with other organizations to further common goals

Annual Sustainability Reports


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