Volunteers make a difference in PSD! National Volunteer Week is April 7-13 dhooker Thu, 04/04/2019 - 11:19am
Timnath volunteers work in the office.
 “These ladies give so much of their time to help our school in so many wonderful ways like volunteering at our school store to help encourage school spirit. ” - Marjorie Fallon, Timnath Elementary office manager. 


PSD Partnerships and Volunteers

Partnerships with schools and students benefit everyone

The PSD Partnership Center connects local businesses, community organizations and volunteers to schools and teachers to support and enhance student learning, work experiences and community involvement. 

By collaborating with each other, we help students be successful in and out of the classroom, while creating a skilled future workforce and caring community members.That's a win-win for all! 


Laurel students raise more than $1,200 to help people facing homelessness

Adelina Massa and Katelyn Nessenthaler might only be in fourth grade, but they are already changing the world. 

The two students recently spearheaded a fundraising campaign at their school to support Homeward Alliance, a Colorado-based organization that serves people and families facing homelessness. The girls encouraged students across the school to make donations, and in less than five weeks, they raised more than $1,200 – enough money, it turns out, to cover a rental deposit for someone experiencing a housing crisis.

Looking for something to do? Check out the PSD Winter Activity Flier Packet!

Flier Packet highlights activities in the community 

The Poudre School District Winter Activity Flier Packet offers a listing of fun activities and classes for kids of all ages.

The latest packet includes fliers from local businesses and organizations including:

• Local government and non-profits

• Dance and culture clubs

• Sports

• Tutoring, academic support and much more!

PSD students, staff give back to the community this holiday season 

Throughout the year, PSD students and staff make meaningful connections with the Northern Colorado community. That is never more apparent than during the holiday season, when students, families and staff work together to give back in creative and meaningful ways. 

These efforts include donating food to families in need, collecting holiday presents and service projects across the community. Here is a sampling of some of these phenomenal efforts by the PSD community: