Webber students simulate space mission: ‘Whatever NASA does, we do’ dhooker Fri, 04/19/2019 - 10:22am
Webber Middle Schools students hold up a space satellite they made.

The scene inside the expansive Webber Middle School science classroom could best be described as organized chaos. 

New PSD Futures Lab project kicks off with student programs next school year

Poudre School District is excited to announce that its Futures Lab project is set to launch inaugural programming in the 2019-20 school year.

Through the Futures Lab project, PSD’s goal is to offer students programs and pathways to pursue passions in an applied learning environment that complements and enhances PSD’s long-standing and robust college and career-readiness programs.

Career and Technical Education prepares students for life after high school

Whether students are preparing for college or on a path leading directly to a career, PSD Career and Technical Education gives students a curriculum to help them be successful in the workplace, higher education and community.

Throughout February, the CTE community is celebrating CTE Month to raise awareness about the educational opportunities and support they give students to help prepare them for careers and college.

PSD students outperform peers across the state on standardized tests

Poudre School District students continued to perform at higher levels than their counterparts across the state on the 2018 Colorado Measures of Academic Success exams (CMAS). 

The tests, administered last spring, assess performance in English Language Arts and Mathematics in grades 3-8 as well as Social Studies and Science in select grades. Student performance on the PSAT 9, PSAT 10, and SAT were also released with the standardized test scores.

Highlights from this year’s assessments include: