Project-Based Learning

PSD Project-Based Learning Schools:

Polaris Expeditionary Learning School

Polaris (grades K-12) is based on the idea that students learn more by experiencing the world around them. Expeditionary Learning harnesses the students' natural passion to learn and helps children develop the curiosity, knowledge, skills, and personal qualities they need for successful adulthood. Polaris' environment supports experiential curriculum, critical life skills, and connections to the community. Colorado standards are utilized to design the Expeditionary Learning curriculum, along with student-teacher-parent development expectations emphasizing personal responsibility for learning. Polaris employs assessments tools such as student portfolios, Measures of Academic Progress (MAPS) testing, and presentations of learning to provide a complete picture of student development.

Olander School for Project-Based Learning

Through student-centered projects and individual inquiry, Olander students are equipped with a unique set of skills that excite them about learning while preparing them for future educational challenges. PBL also develops strong partnerships with our community and businesses. These partnerships help to create an authentic and meaningful learning environment by connecting what students are learning to the real world.