Interviews and community forums for Board of Education director applicants will be held Feb. 21

The Poudre School District Board of Education will interview and hold community forums for candidates for the vacant director seats on Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Johannsen Support Services Center (JSSC), 2407 LaPorte Ave. The public is invited to talk with the applicants during the community forums and observe the Board interviews, beginning at 5:30 p.m. that evening.

Two candidates have applied to fill the District A seat and five have applied to fill the District G seat. Both positions were vacated in January.

Cathy Kipp, who served District A, resigned after being elected to fill the vacancy left by State Sen. Joann Ginal to represent House District 52 in the Colorado Legislature.

Susan Gutowsky, who served District G, left after being selected to replace outgoing council member Bob Overbeck on the Fort Collins City Council.  


District A candidates:

(representing constituents in the south-central area of the district)
•    DJ Anderson
•    Scott Schoenbauer 


District G candidates:

(representing people in the central portion of Fort Collins

•    Jerry Gavaldon
•    Naomi Johnson
•    Michael Krueger
•    Jeff McCubbin
•    Jessica Zamora

Applicant interview process on Feb. 21 

Board interviews and community forums will be held at the same time at the JSSC. The Board will interview each applicant individually in the Board room, while community members will have a chance to talk with each applicant in the JSSC lobby area and provide feedback to the Board on comment cards. After interviewing the candidates, the Board will deliberate and make an appointment for each District director seat.

Please see below for the interview schedule of applicants.

District A finalist interview schedule:

Board interviews D.J. Anderson 
Community forum for Scott Schoenbauer

Board interviews Scott Schoenbauer
Community forum for D.J. Anderson

6:10-6:20: Break

6:20-6:30: Board deliberates, votes and announces appointment


District G finalist interview schedule:

6:40 – 7:00: 
Board interviews Jessica Zamora
Community forum for Jerry Gavaldon

Board interviews Jerry Gavaldon
Community forum for Jessica Zamora

Board interviews Naomi Johnson
Community forum for Michael Krueger

Board interviews Michael Krueger
Community forum for Jeff McCubbin

Board interviews Jeff McCubbin
Community forum for Naomi Johson

8:20-8:35: Break

8:35: Board deliberates, votes, announces appointment