Excellence in Education

The PSD Foundation's mission is to unite community resources for excellence in public education. One of the Foundation's underlying purposes is to recognize and encourage staff excellence in teaching and celebrate achievements.

Formerly titled the Distinguished Teacher Award program, the Excellence in Education Award program has recognized educators for more than 25 years. The Foundation is pleased to have this opportunity to continue the tradition of recognizing excellent educators who demonstrate a commitment to learning and student achievement through its Excellence in Education award ceremony held every Spring.

2013 Excellence in Education Event was held on Monday, March 4, 2013, at the Fort Collins Hilton Hotel.  The event honored excellent educators, promising new teachers, and an outstanding community education advocate. The Mary Hull Awards recognized outstanding educators, administrators, and volunteers who support students in special education programs throughout PSD at the event.  Contact Barb Wallner if you would like more information about the event.

Contact/Questions: Barb Wallner bwalner@psdschools.org or call the Foundation at 490-3292.

2013 Award Winners

Excellence in Education Award
Sari Bosch - Rice Elementary School
Erin O'Connor - Fort Collins High School
Elissa Pitts - Poudre High School
Cynthia Rejman-Kattner - Irish Elementary School
Julie Rickett - Rocky Mountain High School

Promising Teacher Award
Sara Slagle - Fort Collins High School

Mary Hull Awards
Mary Hull Award: Sophia Effler - Kinard Middle School
Mary Hull Collaborative Award: Roxann Hall - Cache La Poudre Elementary
Mary Hull Honorary Award: Paul and Gretchen Holland, Parents, Olander Elementary, Blevins Middle School, Rocky Mountain High School

Outstanding Community Education Advocate Award: Dr. Don Unger

Nominees are as follows: 
For Promising Teacher, nominees included Adrienne Compton (Irish Elem.), Adrian Flygt (RMHS),  Brendan Gallagher (FRHS), Julie Gerken (Bethke Elem.), Nico Henry (FRHS), and Haley Mannion (PHS).

Nominees for the Mary Hull Award are Carrie Ashley, Brenda Bryan, Aleki Davis, Lori Hottman, Lisa Owsley, Emily Russell, and Jamie Westyn.

Nominees for the Collaborative Award are Lora Bundy, Brian Mierzwa, Cassie Poncelow, Marlon Poole, and Dan Rypma.

Nominees for the Honorary Award are Ansley Garnett, Lynn Gombos, Linda Hewell, Kimberly Sinning, Stacey Trewartha, Dean Victor, and Anson Wilder.

2013 Excellence in Education Banquet Video