Referral Programs

Alternative Secondary Programs

Referral or alternative secondary programs provide specialized assistance to students who require a non-traditional academic environment to achieve success.

All PSD high schools offer students the opportunity to recover credits lost from failing courses.

Centennial High School
Centennial High School (CHS), an alternative high shcool, presents courses and content that meet required district and state standards. CHS helps students with the transition from high school to the workplace and/or to continuing education classes. Programs teach self-reliance, self-support and community involvement.

Through the nationally recognized Discovery classes, students learn and practice communication and life skills that serve them throughout their lives. The positive learning environment and service learning programs help students build self-confidence and reminds them of their individual worth.

Pathways After Hours (Phone 970-488-6011)
Poudre High school students who have withdrawn from day classes may be referred to Pathways After Hours. All course work is self-paced, and issues such as work ethics and consistent attendance are emphasized throughout the program.

General Education Development (GED) preparation and pre-testing is offered to PSD students and community members. Daytime and evening classes are available.

Poudre Community Academy
Poudre Community Academy (PCA) offers high school students many choices to complete their graduation requirements. The full-day, alternative high school helps students achieve their educational goals and transition into life after high school.

PCA students participate in weekly service learning that teaches them the importance of giving back to their community while also building their self-esteem and leadership skills.   

Upperclassmen are encouraged to explore their interests through a variety of options offered through the District and Front Range Community College while still receiving the focused support that is offered at PCA.

PSD Global Academy
The PSD Global Academy provides high-quality, interactive education for students in grades K-12.  Accessible anytime and anywhere, this virtual classroom addresses each student at his or her academic level and learning pace, while providing relevant skills and knowledge for success in the 21st century.  PSD Global Academy offers more than 140 core subject and elective classes, allowing students and parents the freedom to choose a course load that is as individualized and enjoyable as possible--and flexible enough to suit their individual needs.

Teen Parent Program
The PSD Teen Parent Program, located at Fort Collins High School, is open to any PSD student who is pregnant or parenting. The program offers specialized classes in pregnancy, child development and parenting, as well as basic academics required for graduation.