Concurrent Enrollment Program

PSD Students Earn Free College Credit While in High School

Colorado’s Concurrent Enrollment program

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What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Eligible high school students may take college, career or technical courses to earn both high school and college credit at the same time. Students may take designated classes at their high school or attend select courses on college campuses including Front Range Community College, Aims Community College or Colorado State University.

PSD Concurrent Enrollment programs include:

Community College courses - Students may enroll in Concurrent Enrollment classes offered at their high schools for credit from Front Range Community College (FRCC) or Aims Community College (Aims CC). Students may also attend college classes at the FRCC campus. Courses offered on PSD campuses are called “High School Select” courses. FRCC courses offered at the college campus are listed as “Campus Select.” For more information about available courses, visit the FRCC website or the Aims CC website.

Colorado State University courses approved for concurrent enrollment between PSD and CSU are listed below and also identified in a Memorandum of Understanding. These are the only approved courses.  PSD students who wish to take a course other than than one listed must have permission from PSD and CSU staff.  At CSU, the approval must come from the CSU Department Chair where the course resides.  Once a decision is made by the Department Chair, the decision is final with no appeal process. Approved courses include:

  • lower and upper division world language courses
  • Math 369 Linear Algebra (Fall 2016 semester)
  • Math 340 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (Spring 2017 semester)

For more information, check out the 2016 – 2017 PSD CSU Concurrent Enrollment Fact Sheet or visit the CSU Concurrent Enrollment webpage

Why is Concurrent Enrollment important?

Students benefit academically and financially by taking Concurrent Enrollment courses:

• Students may take more challenging or specialized courses on topics of particular interest;
• Accumulating college credits while in high school helps students save in tuition costs later;
• Students may finish college earlier because they have already earned college credits.
• Students who chose the “campus select” program may earn an associate’s degree by the time they graduate from high school.  Tuition is paid for by PSD.  This means students could graduate with two years of college completed and a guaranteed transfer of credits to any public Colorado state college.
•  Students who successfully complete 12 semester credit hours of concurrent enrollment classes within the “campus select” program may also be eligible for the Ascent program.  If accepted, these students would attend Front Range Community College for a fifth year, after their fourth year of high school, tuition paid by PSD.  

What do students need to do to participate?

• Students must create an academic plan (ICAP) that describes the courses they want to take and have it approved by a school counselor and administrator;
• Meet prerequisite requirements for the college classes they wish to take;
• Complete an application for the college;
• Take the Accuplacer (see information below)
• And, meet other specific requirements – talk to your school counselor or administrator!

FRCC Placement Testing: The Accuplacer 

FRCC uses a series of short Accuplacer tests to evaluate academic skills to ensure all new students are college-level proficient in reading, sentence skills/writing, and math. English as a Second Language students are required to complete an alternative reading/writing placement test called the LOEP, which measures reading, language use, and sentence meaning.

The test results help FRCC determine if a student needs additional skill-building (developmental) courses prior to enrolling in specific classes. The objective is to place students as accurately as possible in classes to ensure students are on an academic path that supports their educational goals. Please note that Accuplacer test scores expire after two years.

Preparing for the tests - These links will help students prepare for the placement tests:

Concurrent Enrollment courses offered on PSD campuses during the 2015 – 2016 school year (college where credits are earned is listed in parenthesis):

Centennial High School

  • Intro to Carpentry (Aims CC)
  • Hand and Power Tools (Aims CC)
  • Floor Finishes (Aims CC)
  • Roofing Materials and Methods (Aims CC)

Fort Collins High School

  • Intro to Literature (FRCC)
  • English Composition I (FRCC)
  • Principles of Marketing (FRCC)
  • Principles of Emergency Services (Aims CC)
  • Occupational Safety & Health (Aims CC)
  • Fire Behavior & Combustion (Aims CC)
  • Fire Prevention (Aims CC)
  • Printreading for CAD (Aims CC)
  • Solidworks/Mechanical (Aims CC)

Fossil Ridge High School

  • Biotechnology (FRCC)
  • English Composition I (FRCC)
  • English Composition II (FRCC)
  • French III (FRCC)
  • Intro to Literature (FRCC)
  • Principles of Marketing (FRCC)
  • Intro to Sociology I (FRCC)

Polaris School of Expeditionary Learning

  • Early Civilizations (FRCC)
  • Theatre Appreciation (FRCC)

Poudre High School

  • English Composition I (FRCC)
  • Intro to Interior Design (FRCC)
  • Intro to Literature (FRCC)
  • Physics: Calculus-based I with Lab (FRCC)
  • Printreading for CAD (Aims CC)
  • Solidworks/Mechanical (Aims CC)

Rocky Mountain High School

  • Web Editing Tools (FRCC)
  • Intro to Interior Design (FRCC)
  • Principles of Marketing (FRCC)
  • Cont Issues Elderly (Aims CC)
  • Human Disease (Aims CC)
  • Law & Ethics for Health Professionals (Aims CC)
  • Medical Terminology (Aims CC)

ASCENT Program

What is ASCENT?
ASCENT stands for Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment.  It is a “5th Year Program” that allows seniors to remain enrolled in high school and take a fifth year consisting entirely of college classes.

How does ASCENT benefit students?
A student may continue taking college classes at Front Range Community College or AIMS Community College, while Poudre School District pays their college tuition.  

How do students qualify for the program? 
Students must:

  • Remain enrolled at the high school for a fifth year (they do not attend classes at the high school)
  • Be under the age of 21.
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Be on track to meet all high school graduation requirements by the end of their senior year.
  • Have completed, or be on track to complete, at least 12 college credits prior to the completion of the 12th grade year.  CSU, Aims and FRCC classes accepted. *AP and IB courses are accepted, but only if the student (not the high school counselor) has the AP or IB credit transcribed on the college transcript.
  • Not be in need of basic skills or remedial course work as defined by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education’s (CCHE) remedial education policy.
  • Have satisfied the minimum prerequisites for the college courses before enrollment in the course, including having the required test scores.
  • Complete an Individual Career and Academic Plan (Family Connection - Naviance) with your high school counselor.
  • Apply to and be accepted into the Colorado postsecondary institution where they plan to take college classes.
  • Have not participated in the ASCENT program in previous years.

Questions about ASCENT? Contact Kelly Kappel, ASCENT coordinator, at

Career and Technical Education Programs: Career Pathways

High school students may also enroll in year-long career and technical education programs at FRCC. Career Pathways is a unique program jointly funded by the Poudre School District and the Thompson Valley School District.  Students earn high school credit, and optional college credit is available in each program area.  The tuition cost is paid by the school districts; students pay their own program fees.  Most of the programs are held at the FRCC campus; transportation is provided to/from each of the high schools.  Classes are held every day, Monday through Friday, and are offered in morning and afternoon sessions.  Specific program areas offered are:

Questions about Career Pathways? Contact Kathy Hanson, career education coordinator, 970-490-3652,

PWR Internships

The PWR Internship (Post-secondary Workforce Readiness) program gives eligible students the opportunity to explore careers to test their interest and aptitude in a community industry before making a long-term commitment to that industry.  Internships also provide relevant application of 21st century skills.  Internships are non-paid, 75-hour experiences, allowing the student to earn five elective credits (no concurrent enrollment credit is available).

Students determine their internship area based on career goals. They work directly with an employer, obtaining real world, professional experiences that will help them determine career and additional educational choices after high school. 

Past internships have been held at: Wolf Robotics, CZero Engineering, Rocky Mountain Innosphere, CSU Research Labs, CSU Mathematics Department, CSU Department of Computer Science, Vergent Products, Big Grins Dentistry, law offices, chiropractic offices, MCR Healthy Hearts Program, UC Health—Poudre Valley Hospital & Medical Center of the Rockies, Fort Collins Police Services, and Poudre School District Channel 10. 

Student eligibility:

  • Must be a senior (apply during junior year)
  • Maintain a 3.4 GPA or higher
  • Application/interview process/teacher recommendation
  • Has career goals and skills in their ICAP related to internship
  • Has completed course work related to internship
  • Demonstrates strong work ethic

Questions about PWR Internships?  Contact Kelly Kappel, PWR Internship coordinator, at